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Heidi Klum shows a lot of skin

Stars naked: Heidi Klum

Sometimes less is just more. This is demonstrated by Heidi Klum in her "Right Gift" campaign for a US lifestyle brand and shows lots of skin.

Heidi Klum shows a lot of skin
Photo: Sharper Image
The result: really hot snapshots!

Whether in a tight panties and biker jacket, in a fluffy cuddly jacket and nude-colored pumps or completely without - model and entertainer Heidi Klum is just a professional and looks even at 41 years still extremely sexy. The proof is provided by these behind-the-scenes snapshots of the "Right Gift" campaign by US lifestyle brand Sharper Image.

More about the campaign Heidi Klum reveals in the video:

Confident and lascivious, the fourfold mummy flirts with the camera during the shoot. At this sight one could almost forget that it is a campaign for practical lifestyle products such as a squeaker with integrated radio, headphones or a sound soother.

The advertising slogans are all about "Germany's Next Top Model" juror. So you ask yourself: "What does Heidi Klum play in the bathtub?", "How does Heidi Klum switch off the noise?" Or "What does Heidi Klum like in bed?".

Although the technical devices are playing a minor role in this campaign, these hot pictures will most likely get you a lot of attention.

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