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Pretty gifts crafting instructions for gift bags

Wrapping in wrapping paper is too boring for you? Then try it with these chic gift bags. With our instructions, they are quickly and easily crafted!

Perfect for small gifts: In these bags you can pack your Christmas gifts.

What you need for the gift bags:

  • various paper bags (eg sandwich bags, packaging paper bags)
  • Book pages from old books
  • Stamp and inkpad
  • black paper
  • File clips (office supplies)
  • small clothespin
  • white fabric ribbon
  • black lace ribbon
  • Schleierkraut
  • tape
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors

And this is how it's done:

1. Cut out two pages of books from the old book. Lay a sheet so that the long sides are up and down. Fold the sheet horizontally in the middle. Open and fold the top and bottom edges to the center. Turn 90 ° and fold back to the middle. Open and fold the lower edge to the middle. To open again. Cut on the lower horizontal fold line right and left to the vertical fold lines. Now the first half of the bag is ready folded.
2. Fold and cut a second sheet in the same way. Lay the two leaves together horizontally, and place the lower quarters over each other on the incised side and glue them in place.
3. Fold the two tabs in the middle of the paper upwards. Fold one side of the bag up and glue the edge to the upright tab. Also fold up the other side and glue the sides together. Repeat on the other side. Slightly buckle the narrow edges on the open side and squeeze (close) the bag at the top.
4. Fold over the top at the top and clamp with a clip, file clamp or clothespin.
5. Stamp the bags to decorate and cut a feather out of black paper. Loop the ribbon or pinch the gypsophila. Stick black lace tape to the top and bottom of a bag with double-sided adhesive tape.

Here is the guide for you to download.