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Did a policeman in Halle "beat" a little boy?

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"Hand a light wiper against the head"

The excursion of a kindergarten group to the police took a surprising turn. Because one of the police reacted quite violently to a six-year-old boy. With consequences for the policeman.

The policeman is supposed to have "shaken the boy's hand lightly" with his hand, according to the local newspaper "Die Glocke." What does that mean?

So, the following should have happened: A kindergarten group has visited a police station in Halle. In the process, a six-year-old boy left the group unnoticed by the supervisors and the 55-year-old policeman who led the group through the office. The boy pressed an alarm button for emergencies in the cell area, triggered an alarm.

As a result, the policeman allegedly hit the boy "loudly" and "lightly wiped his head" . The official's words were probably that he had "touched the boy lightly with the palm on the skull or on the hair". So far, so spongy. The boy was probably scared, but was not hurt.

However, the policeman was immediately sorry for his act. He apologized to the boy and talked to him. He then informed the two teachers and a mother, who accompanied the children on their trip. Afterwards, the inspection by the police station continued as planned.

However, when the boy's father heard about the incident, he reported the same afternoon to the police officer for assault.

Coated or just right?

Chief Constable Karsten Fehring told the "bell": "The policeman's behavior is totally unacceptable and in no way excusable." We, as a police in the district, do not tolerate such behavior and will do so with all consistency Officials determined. "

In fact, the police in the district of G├╝tersloh are now investigating their colleague from Halle.

But we ask ourselves: is the father's reaction exaggerated?

In the comments under the article of the "bell" is a lively discussion underway. The readers are on the side of the policeman.

So a user writes: "How ridiculous is that !!!!! That is Germany and certainly still ask for pain." The poor poor poor boy is certainly harmed for his life! What happens to the policeman, it will never more talked but the poor boy and the deepest shock !!!! "

And another: "I think that the father of the child behaves absolutely ridiculous.If everything has happened as described, so the excuse of the policeman and the clarification with the accompanying educators / adults, I find it ridiculous, if the father then Still running to the police and filing a report, instead of perhaps talking to the official in question again or saying the matter has been dealt with, since the official has done everything necessary and regrets the "act." What does he mean to do with this? that he can apologize and repent of the incident, or maybe he hopes somehow to withdraw compensation for mental stress? Well, it is to be hoped that there will be no professional consequences for the police officer. "

But was not the policeman's reaction too exaggerated? What do you mean?

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