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Harry's fault? One Direction Talk About Separation [Video]

Is there any future for the guys from One Direction?

One Direction / YouTube

Allegedly, the boys of "One Direction" are in crisis since their band member Harry Styles has only eyes for his girlfriend Taylor Swift. In the past, too, it was repeatedly debated whether a separation of the five would be imminent, because it has been proven that the lifespan of boy bands like them is not too great. While Hazza hovers on Love Cloud Seven, his colleagues now commented on the rumors and talked with them Talkmaster Barbara Walters in her special "10 Most Fascinating People 2012" at least hint that the possibility was considered: "I would not do it. We're together now, and that's the way it is, "Niall Horan said, not sounding entirely euphoric.Louis Tomlinson does not want to think about the end of" One Direction ". Zayn Malik agreed, " It's not even a question, "whereupon Louis Tomlinson said, "We have a great time. I would make a mistake if I looked at this and asked myself, 'When will it end?' "So, while we do not need to fear the dissolution of One Direction, it may be a worrying indication that Harry Styles did not comment? Will he possibly be the first to turn his back on the band and convert la Robbie Williams to solo tracks? Here you see the trailer for the interview: SE

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