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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson comment on being gay

Harry Styles: Gay or womanizer?

In beautiful regularity, this strange rumor comes up again and again: is Harry Styles secretly gay in the end?

Harry Styles is said to be gay
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Despite his numerous affairs with beautiful women, the talk does not stop. We trace the topic.

Is Harry Styles gay? For thousands of his female fans, this is an incredible theory. Nevertheless, the rumor can not be killed. Does the "One Direction" star just look too good? Is there at least one secret homosexual member in most boy groups? Or are the media just speculating on a blatant scandal?

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Basically, it is relatively incomprehensible why Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have to constantly come up with rumors that they are gay and secretly a couple. Louis has a boyfriend and Harry drives as a confessed womanizer mischief as a heartbreaker. Supermodel Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and of course Taylor Swift - all these coveted women are said to have already fallen prey to his prey. However, in an interview with "Much Music, " the band members of "One Direction" now magnanimously tidied up some really stupid theories and confirmed some others.

As a true Harry, he does know that he owns four nipples, while Louis emphasizes that he did not have his ass insured and does not understand why stars even consider such a thing. Although they have no problem with being called gay, the two went on to explain that they could not fully understand the thinking of their female followers. Some even went so far as to make photo retouches of kisses between them. Louis Tomlinson mused, "I thought, honestly, if I was a hardcore one-direction fan, a hardcore Harry fan, I would not like the idea of ​​Harry and Louis. I would rather introduce Harry to me. "

Harry Styles admits that he likes to be naked and to wear his best piece of fashion

Sounds confusing in this case, but of course it's logical. Especially since you can be relatively sure with Harry Styles that he really has a fiddle behind the ears when it comes to women. Asked if he really wears leopard-patterned string thongs, he fished a penis guard out of his pocket with the appropriate fur trim, admitting that, as rumor has it, he prefers to walk around nude. His masculinity is therefore hardly in question.

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