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Harald Glööckler & Dieter Schroth: Their luck began with a love letter ...

Designer Harald Glööckler and his partner Dieter Schroth finally want to marry.
Photo: Imago / Future Image

The romantic interview for the engagement

Opposites are known to attract. In the case of Harald Glööckler and his partner this is true. For 25 years, the shrill fashion designer and his restrained partner are together. Now love should be officially sealed. In an interview with us, Dieter Schroth remembers how it all began.

When and where did you meet?

Dieter Schroth: We met in the nightclub "Connection" in Mannheim - between 3, 000 men. That can not have been a coincidence. God has wanted it that way.

Were you still married then?

Dieter Schroth: Yes, but I already lived apart from my wife and two daughters.

How did Harald conquer your heart?

Dieter Schroth: He invited me to his home and set the table very nicely. Next to my plate was a small envelope, which I opened and read the words: "For the dearest person I have ever met." My heart risen and I believed in love again. This little love letter was the sticking point in our relationship. I did not want to tie up after my divorce. Good thing I did not stick to it.

Your schedule is full. Do you still have time for similarities?

Dieter Schroth: We can only relax together in the evening. Harald is cooking well. We also like watching a nice movie on TV. Our hobby is that we love each other very much. This is an honest love from the heart.

What do you value most about Harald?

Dieter Schroth: His honesty and his reliability. He is just a wonderful person. And what bothers me the most is that you misjudged him so much, outwardly. Luckily that has changed in the meantime.

Do you also argue?

Dieter Schroth: There is no dispute. That's really funny. We sometimes talk to the third person with us. I then say Mr Glööckler and Mr Schroth . We always say it funny, but sometimes we mean it seriously. But we never have a fight.

Soon the wedding bells ring. What are your hopes for the future?

Dieter Schroth: Being healthy and being able to live harmoniously with Harald for a long time to come.