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Halloween: Flickering Pumpkin Ghost

  • pumpkin
  • Template for a ghost
  • sheet of paper
  • felt-tip pen
  • cutter
  • small and large plates
  • Baby apples, berries and physalis
  • knife
  • spoon

1. Cut off the upper third of the pumpkin.

Simply heavenly! This ghost flickers in pumpkin candlelight.
Photo: Photo: deco & style

2. Core the pumpkin, hollow out and clean it.

3. Prepare and cut out the ghost template.

4. Transfer the template to the pumpkin with felt-tip pen.

5. Carefully cut out the outline with the cutter and clean it.

6. Put candles on a plate in the pumpkin.

7. Put the pumpkin on the dinner plate and decorate with apples, berries and physalis.