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Halloween: invitation card hurricane

  • DIN A 4 sheets of solid translucent paper in orange (eg

    Invitation and lantern in one! This invitation card is doubly practical and will delight guests for a long time to come.
    Photo: Photo: deco & style

      from Jerwitz)
    • black photo carton
    • Adhesive (eg UHU)
    • white tracing paper
    • black decorative pencil (eg from Edding)
    • Photo carton in orange
    • black envelopes

    1. Cut a 12.5 cm wide strip from orange transparent paper (DIN A 4). On one narrow side, carefully scrape a 1 cm wide strip (addition) with the cutter and fold. At a distance of 7.2 cm, incise 3 more times and fold so that 4 equal areas and the 1 cm wide edge are created. Apply adhesive to the 1 cm wide addition, allow to dry slightly and fold inwards. Glue the lantern together.

    2. Cut out black bats and bits of black cardboard and stick them onto the lantern.

    3. Cut out a strip (8 x 30 cm) of white translucent paper for the banderole. To fold the merged lantern and stick together.

    4. Label stripes with the invitation text.

    5. Cut an approx. 10 x 7 cm pumpkin out of orange photo cardboard, stick it on the envelope and provide it with the address.

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