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Haartrends Approach adé: With this staining technique you have to stain your approach much less often

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Balayage as a color technique is not new. But maybe you did not know that hair color spares you the way to the hairdresser.

Balayage we have already heard more often. The technology is not new. Balayage, Ombré or Babylights are all quite similar. The Ombré-Hair focuses on the tips. The babylights are set as thin as possible. Balayage, however, insists that the highlights look very natural.

How does Balayage work?

The color is literally "swept" into the hair (balayer) . The color is never applied to the neck, but the strands are worked into the lengths. This creates a completely natural, flowing effect. The difference to other Strähnchentechniken: You have less often to the barber, because the color is not applied directly to the approach. Especially the parts that frame your face will be brightened up, creating a frame for your face.

An additional advantage: The highlights are not applied with foils but by hand and brush. This is much faster than with the film. So you spend even less time at the hairdresser.

Does Balayage only work with long hair?

Balayage works for almost every hair length. Because the freestyle technique can set in short hair accents so that the look looks completely natural. The best effect is achieved in long hair because you can best see the gradient here. But even a bob can become a real eye-catcher with Balayge.

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