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Hair foam in the editorial test

Hair foam in the editorial test
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Hair foam 2012

Volume manes, updos and wild curls - with a little bit of foam you can transform your hair into exciting and varied hairstyles. We wanted to know if the new products will live up to their promise and have thoroughly tested seven of them.

Elaborate hairstyles in everyday life? So far, in the uncomfortable months it was a pretty courageous beauty-scouting. Wind and rain made sure that the hair had its own life after just a few hours. We want our styling to withstand any weather conditions and also keep the volume all day long.

Find the right hair foam

One possible solution: The right hair foam must come from! It all depends on the hair length, structure and your styling project. Perhaps you would like to turn light waves into a voluminous hairdo à la Brigitte Bardot or give a short haircut even more structure?

To make your selection easier, we have tested seven hair foam products with different effects in wind, rain and long party nights. How the individual products have cut off, you will learn in our editorial test.

A foam dream for more volume

May it be a little bit more? In my overburdened approach in any case. Because since I wear my hair a bit longer, it often seems quite flat and boring. So the "Volumea care foam" by René Furterer should pump more fullness into the hairstyle.

Application: After the washing and care program, the pump bottle is shaken properly, then I give an almost tennisball-sized amount of foam into towel-dried hair. This amount escapes pretty quickly, if you press the button less will be difficult to dose. Then everything is distributed from the beginning to the tips. I prefer to forego the recommended comb, this needs real manual labor.

Effect: If I knead the still damp hair something, my natural waves come through immediately. Not bad either, they've been hanging out lately. After drying with the hair dryer then the surprise: My hair actually feels much fuller and grippier. I did not expect such a big difference.

And how does it work? First, the "Volumea" series contains an extract from the African carob tree, also called Caroube, which is to wrap the hair without complaining. It also supports herbal cellulose and a positively charged conditioning complex neutralized against static charging. Perfect!

Value for money: Granted the hair foam by René Furterer is a bit more exclusive, only available in pharmacies and selected salons and therefore costs 200 ml also for 18 euros. But who will complain about this result?

Conclusion: I'm a fan! So far, I have never had such a convincing volume performance with any hair product. The foam has a lot of know-how, and the styling is really great with it. My beauty discovery of the last months!

Text: Melanie Gutbier

Flexible styling for short hair

I have very short and pretty thick hair. That's why I do not need volume or great hold and usually do not use hair mousse. That's different with Sexy Hair's "Piece Out Texturizing Pliable Wax Mousse". Here I am dealing with a styling product especially for short hair, which is incorporated into the dry hair. The manufacturer promises me medium grip and a flexible styling. I'm curious!

Application: I am a bit skeptical and spray carefully only a small amount on the hand. Luckily, the mousse can easily be dispensed using the spray head. The product can be easily incorporated into the hair thanks to the foam consistency. Courageously I add another ration.

Effect: Although the smell is getting used to and - unlike the product name suggests - not really "sexy", but the mousse actually defines the hair like a wax. And what I like particularly well: The hair remains flexible even after the application and can be easily reposted at any time.

Value for money: The 150 ml spray bottle costs around 18 euros. That's a proud price. But since you only need a small amount per application, you can style with a can for a while.

Conclusion: My initial concerns are completely weggestylt! I got along really well with Sexy Hair's "Piece Out Texturizing Pliable Wax Mousse" and will use up the bottle in any case, that's for sure. Even if the mousse does not necessarily smell seductive.

Text: Dörthe Seubert

Power foam for chive hair

My hair is naturally thick and smooth. Actually nice, but since I carry them long, they hang heavily from the head down. A little more volume can not hurt! So I reach for the mousse maker "XXL Volume Power" by Garnier Fructis.

Application: I shake the spray bottle and put some foam on my hand. Here he is still growing a bit. Then I distribute the about mandarin-sized amount of foam with my hands in my hair, of course, at the base, but also in the lengths. Then I dry my hair with a brush over my head. If you want a lot of volume, you can blow-dry the lugs first, but with my pony-cut, I do without it.

Effect: With natural bamboo extract the mousse maker should make sure that the hairstyle holds, mother of pearl proteins to make my hair shine. There is even an "anti-collapse effect" for the volume of this super foam! And indeed he can do something: My heavy chive hair has become a volume mane! I'm very happy with the volume of the batch. Nice too, that the effect lasts almost the whole day. Only in the evening, the anti-collapse effect makes it limp.

Value for money: 150 ml cost around 2.50 euros. This is a great price for this power mousse.

Conclusion: I am quite satisfied with the "XXL volume Power" by Garnier Fructis. From now on, I know what I need to do to give my hair the extra kick volume.

Text: Miriam Müller

Make me curls, foam!

I have naturally wavy hair. For real curls but it needs some support. Normally, I prefer to use a curling spray because, unlike many foam products, it glues the hair down less. But today I give the hair foam "Play Ball Crispy Curl" by L'Oréal Professionnel a chance.

Application: The first application gives me a little scare. The foam is so extremely cold that it almost hurts when sprayed on the hand. Fortunately, this will be better with other applications.

The foam smells good and can be easily distributed. For a special curl effect, I follow the instructions on the package and twist individual strands of hair with your fingers spiraling. Then I dry the whole thing with a diffuser dry.

Effect: Even stronger than usual, my hair does not lure with the help of the foam. But it strengthens my natural waves and gives them more support. I'm pleasantly surprised that the product does not stick to my hair and feels completely natural.

Value for money: 17 euros for 150 ml hair foam is a pretty proud price. Since the foam but gives good support and does not stick the hair, I think that's okay.

Conclusion: If I would like to exchange my normal curl spray for a foam, I would resort to this product again.

Text: Christine Butler

Structure instead of volume

I've already given up on that with the volume. My hair is just too fine! If I have conjured up some volume in my flat mane with the round brush, then it does not last long. At the latest after a little drizzle, the hairstyle is ruined again. But I still want to make one last attempt - with the "Mousse Forte" by Sebastian. The foam is supposed to give my hair extra volume.

Application: My test foam can be super dosed and grows on my hand only a bit. This helps me find the right amount. He feels light and is very fine-pored. I spread the foam in my damp hair especially at the base, then I dry my hair and brush it lightly at the end.

Effect: Wow, my hair is actually bloated at the base. But I think it's much nicer that my otherwise fine mane looks very structured and yet not styled, but feels very natural. Although my hairstyle survives even a wet day without the frizzy look, the volume holds in all weather conditions at most until lunch break. Pity!

Price-performance ratio: Although I find it somewhat expensive to spend around € 22 for 200 ml, I am so enthusiastic about the natural styling effect that I would spend it anyway.

Conclusion: Although the volume has not lasted long, but have my hair survived a wet day, without curling. In addition, the "Mousse Forte" by Sebastian is a great base for updos, as it makes the hair nice and easy to handle. Maybe I should just wear it more often in the future.

Text: Monika Fojcik

Beauty superman for the hair

Well-groomed hair in abundance - that was the intent of my mane in 2012. But the thin structure and the habit to hang out a little bit, made me here regularly a line through the bill. My beauty superman, who is to save me in a frothy form out of necessity: The "Natural Volume Styling Mousse" by Wella Pro Series.

Application: Zissssch! With a single pump stroke, the spray head releases a fragrant mousse cap in table tennis ball size. This is swiftly distributed from the beginning to the tips of the wet hair, then the hair dryer comes into the race. If you want, you can help out with a round brush - I'll start by relying on the power of mousse and warmth!

Effect: Bombastic! What used to hang around in the history of the world is perfect in a few simple steps and ready for the day thanks to an extra dose of volume. Even a little bit thicker my thin hair seems to have become - a feeling that has not said goodbye at the end of the day. Also, the fragrance convinces with a subtly floral aroma and remains (as I like it) not too long in the hair. Prizes for money: The comparatively proud price of 18 euros for 300 ml may initially seem steep, but is for a salon product rather the rule than the exception. Anyone who does not use the foam every day, but if a film-ready result is expected, is well advised with the "Natural Volume Styling Mousse" from Wella Pro Series.

Conclusion: The first mousse that seduces more to access than its edible name-mate made of chocolate! Because the foam, which gets along without the often exaggerated-intense fragrances of its competitors, defines fairly reliably, without sticking. My Savior for the New Year's resolution!

Text: Katrin Jahns

Shiny curls à la Brigitte Bardot?

Since I've seen the movie "Viva Maria", I dream of a glittering hair a la Brigitte Bardot! Even if I fill the blond factor, with the curly Bardot mane my discreet waves can not keep up unfortunately. That's why, with the help of papilottes, I make curls in my hair overnight and test whether the glossy mousse "Curl Satin" by L'Oréal Professionnel keeps them in shape and gives the curls shine.

Application: Due to the narrow nozzle on the bottle head, the gloss mousse can be dosed very well. You do not sink in Schaumbergen, but you can conjure up little mousse piles quite easily on the hand and in the hair. Then you just knead it into the curl wonder.

Effect: According to the manufacturer, the "Texture Expert" products from L'Oréal Professionnel are designed to give the surface of the hair a shine while strengthening it with vitamin E from the inside. "Curl Satin" should also make my mane more resistant and protect against hair breakage. It also promises long-lasting defined curls. And indeed: My curls stay in shape all day! Unfortunately, I can not discover only a shiny effect.

Value for money: Proud 16 Euro cost 200 ml "Curl Satin" gloss mousse. Even if the product keeps its promise of durability and smells wonderful, the price is a bit too high for the purse of a student.

Conclusion: The "Curl Satin" conjures me - in conjunction with Papilotten - actually a curly mane, which holds all day. Unfortunately, I did not notice a strong gloss effect in my hair. Positive in any case, the wonderfully delicate fragrance of the gloss mousse.

Text: Jana Felgenhauer

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