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Hair color without ammonia - how does it work?

Hair coloring works without ammonia.
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Nourishing wonder colors: hair color without ammonia

Hair color without ammonia makes coloring as gentle as ever. Oils provide silky shine and healthy tips.

Dyeing was so far a thing: dripping colorations, a severe ammonia smell and sometimes an unpleasant itching on the scalp hair dyeing not exactly the favorite pastime. Fortunately, there is new hair color without ammonia oil-based, which work without chemicals club and can be easily applied.

The gentle "miracle colors" already care for the hair when dyeing. They rely on vegetable oils that transport the color pigments deep into the hair and anchor them there. They completely dispense with ammonia to break up the dandruff. Milder substitutes take over this job. They open the cuticle only slightly and leave the hair largely undamaged, because the oil lays like a protective coat around each strand. The natural moisture of the hair is thus preserved. And the best part: The colorations smell wonderful and also work to cover gray hair.

Hair color without ammonia with oil formula for the home

1 Colors and protects the hair with fragrant flower oils: ammonia-free "Olia" colouration. From Garnier, about 7 euros

2 Rich colors plus intensive care: the coloration with new oil technology works without any ammonia. "Oleo Intense" from Syoss, about 5 Euro

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