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Well packaged Why is it important to wear a sports bra?

Do I really have to wear a sports bra as a woman during sports? The answer is "Yes!" And that goes for women with big breasts as well as for the women with a small cup. We reveal why training without a proper sports bra should be taboo for any woman.

The days when the design of sports bras was boring and unanimous are fortunately long gone, like this pretty model by Triaction by Triumph in combination with a s shorts shows.
Photo: Triaction by Triumph
  1. What happens if you do not wear a sports bra during your workout?
  2. What makes a good sports bra?
  3. The sports bra as a must for every woman - no matter what age

Anyone who has ever tried it knows how uncomfortable it can be to wear a bra during sports. The bigger the breast, the more unpleasant it feels. The breast is an organ of glands, fatty and connective tissue that is enveloped by the skin. In sports and other everyday movements centrifugal forces act on it, which emasculate the connective tissue and even let it rip. This not only causes pain, but also leads to visible cracks in the skin - so-called stretch marks, a nasty cosmetic problem. Overall, the brace loses strength more quickly, resulting in a hanging chest.

What happens if you do not wear a sports bra during your workout?

A sports bra has the great advantage that its construction has been designed to fit well and provide optimal support for the chest. By elastic parts in the fabric, nothing pushes and the breasts are completely enclosed. The wide straps distribute the weight of the chest over a larger area and prevent traction and an uncomfortable pressure on the shoulders. In addition, the special material ensures that sweat and moisture are removed, so that a comfortable fit during the workout is given all the time. A stagnation of heat and moisture on the body surface is so easily excluded. Not only does this reduce the risk of getting a cold, it also helps prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi on the skin that would otherwise promote the development of dermatitis.

The new models from Triaction by Triumph show that today's sports bras can also meet the demands of fashion-conscious women.
Photo: Triaction by Triumph

What makes a good sports bra?

A good sports bra, such as Triaction by Triumph, for example, should be designed to withstand many sporting activities. He should be comfortable with every movement and give perfect support without restricting training. An important indicator for a high-quality sports bra is also a high support force (bounce control). The support force indicates by what percentage the chest movement is reduced by the sports bra. The sports bra should be selected according to the sport you want to perform. The more movement in the game, the higher the support force should be if possible.

The sports bra as a must for every woman - no matter what age

Definitely every woman - no matter what age - should consider a sports bra as an absolute must in sports. Of course, connective tissue is inherently flatter the older you are. Nevertheless, one experiences the same effect on the breast at any age. Only at a young age, the consequences are not immediately visible.

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