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Big Heart That's why Prince Harry's Christmas card is the best of them all

Party prince was yesterday! Harry proves again and again what a big heart he has
Photo: Twitter / Kensington Palace

Harry has a heart for pilots

Kensington Palace has also released the Christmas card of Prince Harry. Instead of family happiness, Harry shares his most beautiful moment 2015 with us.

On the cuteness scale, Harry can not keep up with the Christmas card of Kate and William, Prince George and little Charlotte are just too cute! And yet he touched us deeply with his emotional Christmas greeting.

The tweet was posted yesterday on the official website of Kensington Palace. Shown here is a black-and-white photograph of Harry and an older man on a plane saying, "Prince Harry wishes a Merry Christmas! Here's one of his best moments from 2015!" But who is the man who shines Harry's hand?

The photo was taken in September this year. On his 31st birthday, the trained fighter pilot wanted to fulfill a childhood dream and spin a few laps in an original Spitfire, a World War II fighter, during an air show. But Harry proved once again that he inherited his big heart from his deceased mother Diana. The smart prince resigned his place to war veteran Neil, who was unable to launch his machine due to a technical failure.

Giving is more blessed than taking, is it said and how could Harry convey the idea of ​​Christmas better than with this beautiful gesture !?

Merry Christmas from Prince Harry! Here's his Christmas card photo showing one of his favorite moments from 2015

- Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) December 22, 2015