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Green knitted vest in pear pattern

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Knitting special "Everything for the woman"

Winter can come with this cozy knit vest. Just follow step by step our simple knitting instructions.

Sizes: S / M / L / XL

The data for the individual sizes are from the smallest to the largest size in different colors one behind the other, each separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

What you need for the knitted vest:

  • Schachenmayr Bravo Big, 950/1050/1300/1400 g in fir, Fb 00172
  • 2 buttons (by Dill, Art. 390266, Fb 21, 45 mm)
  • 2 flat counter buttons (for the back)
  • From Milward 1 circular needle 10 mm, 80 cm long
  • 1 crochet hook 10 mm
  • 1 woolen needle with big eye

And that's how easy it is:

Small Pear Pattern: 1st row (R): Knit 1 st (M) on the right, 1 st on the left side in the change.2. R: Work 1 st in stocker one st, 1 st in stockacrosses, so that sts always appear staggered. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd Rs.

Note: Increases are made as follows: after the first st and before the last st in each row, work 1 turn and knit it in the following row, patterned as right or left st.

Mesh sample : In the small pear pattern: 8 M and 14 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece : Cast on 41/45/49/53 sts and knit in small pear pattern 34/34/37/37 cm. Now for the overlapped sleeves, increase 1 st on both sides as described = 43/47/51/55 sts and then inc 1 st in every 3rd row = 61/65/69/73 sts. 2/2/6/6 rs knit all sts, then skew both sides in each R 20 x 1 sts / 18 x 1 st and 2 x 2 sts / 17 x 1 st and 3 x 2 sts / 16 x 1 st, 3 x 2 sts and 1 x 3 sts Remove M as follows:

Knit 2 sts on the right after the first st and knit 2 sts before the last st.

In the back rows after the first st always knit 2 sts left croup and knit 2 sts left before last st.

After 70/70/76/76 cm, stop the remaining 21/21/23/23 M from the stop for the neckline.

Left front: Cast on 16/18/20/22 sts. For the front slant increase at the right edge as follows: for the sizes S and M: in every 8th R 12 x 1 M, for the sizes L and XL: in each 8. R 8 x 1 st and in each 10th st 4 x 1 sts.

At the same time, after 34/34/37/37 cm from the stop, work the increases for the overlapped sleeve and the shoulders for the shoulders, as described for the back. Then shut down the remaining 18/18/19/19 M.

Right front: knit the same way.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams. For the collar, work the disused 57/57/61/61 sts at the neckline and knit all sts in a small pear pattern, knitting the edge stitches over the shoulders.

After 2 cm = 3 rows for the two buttonholes in a row at the right edge, knit 4th and 5th sts, knit 1 YO, knit 8 sts according to pattern, knit 1 YO and the following 2 sts covered. After a total of 7 cm collar length, bind off the sts as they appear.

Now close the side seams and sew all the threads.

Loop edge : Crochet the edges of the vest and both armhole edges with a round chain stitch. Then crochet with a loop edge as follows: from the left side of the vest, use the crochet hook to insert into the warp stitch, lay the thread around a thick pencil or a 2.5 to 3 cm wide cardboard strip and pull the thread loop through. First cut off only one thread loop of the crochet hook, then cut off both loops. Crochet the edges in this way.

Sew on the buttons, sew on the flat back buttons from the left side.

You can find the template as PDF for download here!

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