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Green eyes make-up - so they are an absolute eye-catcher

Make-up tips: Green eyes make-up

Make-up green eyes and highlight them, we show how "'s go. Because the right colors play a special role in the make-up of green eyes.

green eyes
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  1. Green eyes make-up with eye shadow
  2. Make-up smokey eyes for green eyes
  3. Green eyes make-up with great highlights
  4. Green eyes make-up: These colors do not fit
But not only an eye shadow can lend the rare eye color charisma. The make-up tips for green eyes here's an overview.

You have green eyes? Then you are definitely something very special, then green is the eye color that is the rarest. And green eyes fascinate because it is an eye-catcher in itself. We reveal with which make-up green eyes become the absolute highlight for every occasion. Matching eye shadow for green eye make-up we show HERE:

Green eyes make-up with eye shadow

The rare eye color can be set especially with rosé and Pflaumentönen. But not only the complementary colors are great for a day make-up, also brown and beige are ideal. For green eyes, red eyeshadow looks great too. However, this may not be too strong, since the eye then quickly looks sick. Dodge best on orange tones or reddish-brown colors.

Make-up smokey eyes for green eyes

Smokey Eyes can be on green eyes with both black and gray eyeshadow as well as purple eye make-up makeup. The dark tones make the light eye color radiate particularly and give the picture expressiveness. A black kohlalstrich adds to this effect. However, if you have a lighter skin type, you should prefer anthracite-colored kohl. The effect on pale complexion is not as hard as a black line.

Green eyes make-up with great highlights

Fancy a mysterious look? Then you access anthracite eyeshadow in conjunction with silver. For those who are brave, eye-catching highlights in pink and plum tones are accompanied by bright highlights in pink or purple on the outer corner of the eye. With this eye make-up you are certainly an eye-catcher at every party.

Green eyes make-up: These colors do not fit

Green-eyed people should leave their fingers with blue or turquoise eyeshadows. These two colors take green eyes as well as yellow make-up their charisma. We wish you a lot of fun with face painting and playing with the colors.

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