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Countess Alexandra: Nightmare of a mother

Countess Alexandra - Just a normal mother ...
Photo: imago / Dean Pictures

swimming accident

Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg (49) experienced the nightmare of each mother these days: One of her children had an accident during a family holiday on the Mediterranean and had to go to the clinic!

It had caught Prince Felix (10). The second oldest grandson of Queen Margrethe of Denmark (73) had injured significantly in Alanya (Turkey) in the Oasis Sky Club when playing at the pool leg. As Danish media report, the laceration was so long and deep that it had to be sewn with ten stitches.

The father of the boy, Prince Joachim (44), confirmed on request of journalists the accident and explained that his son had been very brave and after outpatient treatment back to the cottage plant to his mother could.

It was not dramatic, said the prince, but an accident that could easily happen to spirited lads.

Felix, who turns eleven on July 22, regularly spends part of his summer vacation with his brother Nicolai (13), his mother Alexandra, and his stepfather Martin in Turkey. Prince Joachim's ex-wife had been there after their divorce first and then granted yet another holiday home

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