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Free guide for a garden apron

Protects from potting soil: The pretty garden apron is really practical!
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Summery sewing fun

With these cheerful fabric ideas your balcony or terrace turns into a colorful oasis of well-being. This apron is made for all kitchen and garden fairies.

That's what you need for the garden apron:

  • fabric consumption
    35 x 65 cm JapaneseIrises Art. No. PWSL021-SORBE,
    22 x 110 cm Hiroshige Art. No. PWSL024-SORBE,
    10 x 20 cm Jasmine Art. No. PWSL019-SORBE,
    70 X 110 cm plain fabric Art. No. CSFSESS-CHONA
    All data are inclusive seam allowance
  • Additional material
    Miscellaneous: 70 cm yellow satin ribbon 3 cm wide, 120 cm yellow satin ribbon 1 cm wide, Coats Cotton sewing thread in brown and yellow, pins, matching Coats Cotton sewing thread, scissors, measuring tape, ruler, possibly paper for the cut and pencil

The complete sewing instructions for download can be found here!

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