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GNTM candidate Sarah: Not her best bikini image

Germany's Next Top Model: Sarah Weinfurter

With a smile on their face they like us clearly better! GNTM contestant Sarah Weinfurter poses in a bikini - and looks pretty unlucky.

GNTM candidate Sarah Wein: Not her best bikini picture
Photo: @ sarah_wein97 on Instagram

Sure, as a model you have to be thin. And you have to put on this bored expression. Dense eyebrows, red lips and a pale skin are certainly also beneficial. So "Germany's Next Topmodel" candidate Sarah Weinfurter (2014) actually does everything right in this photo.

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Nevertheless, the 17-year-old does not really like us on the bikini picture, which she shared on Instagram in mid-November 2014. Pale, dry, lifeless ... During "Germany's Next Top Model" we liked Sarah for her kind, cheerful way of life. We hope, there will soon be happier photos of the new generation model.

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