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GNTM Betty posts picture of a child with her mother

GNTM picture of a child: Betty Dove

Oh how sweet: Betty Taube makes her mom a public declaration of love on Instagram and post a cute picture of a child. Although Betty grew up in the home and lastly had no contact between mother and child, she wrote: "Because she is everything for me - I love you mom."

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GNTM Betty posts picture of a child with her mother
Photo: @ betty_topmodel2014 on Instagram

Because a public declaration of love from Betty Taube to her mom suggests that the GNTM young model and her mother are getting closer again! We all still remember the episode of "Germany's Next Top Model 2014", in which juror Thomas Hayo picked up 18-year-old Betty at the youth hostel. At the age of eleven, Betty had volunteered to grow up at the children's home and not at her mother's. Prior to Betty's participation in GNTM, contact with her mother had almost completely stopped.

On July 31, 2014, Betty Taube now shared the sweet picture of a child she sees with her mother (@ betty_topmodel2014 on Instagram). Maybe Betty's participation in GNTM brought her mother and daughter closer together? In any case, we would wish the merry curly-haired girl that her mum take more care of her now. Betty could probably look up some model tricks from her mother, because she also works as a model!

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