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GNTM 2014: The most beautiful mothers of the models

GNTM 2014

So beautiful are the mums of our GNTM 2014 candidates! The good look of the young models has its reason: We introduce the 3 prettiest mothers - plus a beautiful Opi.

GNTM 2014 mothers
Photo: Anna / Instagram, Sainabou / Instagram, Samantha / Instagram, Stefanie Giesinger / Instagram
  1. GNTM 2014: Samantha and her mother
  2. GNTM 2014: Sainabou and her mother
  3. GNTM 2014: Stefanie and her mother
  4. GNTM 2014: Anna and her grandfather

GNTM 2014: Samantha and her mother

More than "Wow!", There is hardly any to say about this picture. Samantha posted it on Instagram on March 15, 2014. The GNTM contestant is undoubtedly one of the most expressive participants in the current season, not only because of her insanely long, now reddish-colored hair, but also because of her incredibly beautiful face.

The Journal of the GNTM 2014 Jury as a Gallery!

The open smile, mischievous look, gleaming white teeth, characteristic eyebrows, and even features on her face-all of these traits that will serve her under warranty in her modeling career, have Samantha visibly due to one person: her Mother. No more than right and cheap so the comment that the 17-year-old posted to this photo: "Love you mummi".

GNTM 2014: Sainabou and her mother

Sainabou often shares pictures of or with her mom on Instagram. Apparently she is very proud of her mom (as well as vice versa). This photo, which she posted on Instagram on March 11, 2014, shows the two times in a rather less than perfect pose, but rather while fooling around together. Very pretty and very sympathetic are both ladies!

GNTM 2014: Stefanie and her mother

Long dark hair, dreamy brown eyes, a straight nose and a charming dimple smile: Does it look familiar? Then you will surely understand why we loudly shouted "Déjà-vu" when we saw the photo that Stefanie Giesinger posted on January 5, 2014. It's not her - it's not her, GNTM candidate Steffi. Instead, it's her mother, and she not only looks the same as Stefanie, but is just as pretty.

GNTM 2014: Anna and her grandfather

But there it hails hash tags: "#opi #family #today #jj #grancanaria #together #tbt #love #sun #igdaily #happy #instagood #potd #igers # iphoneonly #loveu #grandpa #instalove #f4f # heart # sweet # gooddays #sunny ". Www-What ?! Anna from GNTM seemed to have been in emotional intoxication when writing this post in mid-February 2014. You can understand them, because the picture is just the best! We select the most important things: #opi, #love, #happy! And one thing is for sure: Anna does not have to be afraid of aging, if her genes have a say in it ...

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