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Günther Jauch: life crisis

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What is wrong with him?

Günther Jauch (55) is in the life crisis

The TV star loses his nerve!

Suddenly, Jauch seems dissatisfied and so hurtful. Yet he had everything a man needs to be happy: professional success and a happy family.

What drives a man to become hurtful and mean at the height of his success? Günther Jauch, once so radiant TV darling, suddenly is not so nice and friendly. He seems in the middle of a life crisis .

What is wrong with him? He grumbles, he grunts and dissatisfied with himself. As Oliver Pocher (34) has recently addressed his weight, namely the self-confident TV star was not much to see. He weighs only skin and bones, said Pocher. Whereupon Günther Jauch herumdruckste, he had "increased" and would "weigh just under 80" at the moment. In his opinion, that would be "embarrassing". "Because it's too fat."

It is Günther Jauch about 1.90 meters tall and yet has ideal weight. He seems very dissatisfied with himself. But that's not all. Günther Jauch tactfully blasphemed about his plump show guest Dirk Bach (50). He made fun of his weight. Dirk Bach had now said in the rehearsals for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" that the Council Chair had become more uncomfortable since his last visit in 2001. Günther Jauch responded in response to the RTL interview in common: "I dare the theory that the chair has not changed over the years. I'm not so sure about Dirk Bach ... "

Nasty jokes at the expense of others - that's not known from the otherwise charming Mr. Jauch. Why is he so negative right now? Even admissions with the children are a horror for the family man, as he recently revealed in his RTL show:

"When I went to the movies with a child for the first time, I had to watch a movie. 'Bobo and the Hare Gang'. That was torture for an adult (...) I only woke up later afterwards. "One does not say something hurtful - certainly not as a father.

One almost has the impression that Günther Jauch is in the middle of the mid-life crisis. The phase in which you have achieved all goals. Since many have the feeling that everything can not get better. And the impression, from now on, it would just go downhill. But do you have to become vicious right away?

Other men of his age manage to treat their family and fellow human beings with love and respect rather than letting their negative feelings out on them. Hopefully Günther Jauch remembers again before he endangers his professional and private happiness even more.

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