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Gluten-free foods Quinoa, Chia and Teff: Better than cereals

Are you one of them? To the increasing number of Germans who can not eat grain due to a gluten intolerance (celiac disease)? Fortunately, there are alternatives: Quinoa or chia seeds are therefore on the hit list of health food stores and health food stores.

The gluten-free chia seeds are available in black and white
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  1. Quinoa: vitamins and nutrients full
  2. Chia Seed: The Diet Hit
  3. Teff: The pure energy

And because these grains are not only gluten-free, but also make them slim and beautiful, even stars are crazy about them. Now a new darling joins in the round: Teff, a millet species. Gwynteh Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are already glowing fans. We introduce the three gluten-free superfoods .

Quinoa: vitamins and nutrients full

That's it: quinoa is not grain but a goosefoot plant. But the seed balls can be used like grain. For the Incas, quinoa was a staple food . Hence, names such as Inkakorn or Inkareis also touch.

That's in it: Quinoa has a much higher nutrient density than domestic crops. Under the seed coat hide a lot of valuable substances, especially abundant proteins and amino acids. It also supplies us with magnesium and vitamin B2 . However, quinoa scores particularly well with its high iron and calcium content and valuable unsaturated fatty acids.

That can do it: Quinoa strengthens the bones. The muscle is promoted. It also has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Good for all people with diabetes : The blood sugar level is only slightly and constantly increased by the enjoyment of quinoa.

This is how it tastes : You can cook the seeds like rice and use it as a side dish. Also as a soup, quinoa is delicious. Likewise roasted in salad. The taste is slightly nutty. Quinoa can be ground or ground as flour and so z. B. be enjoyed in cereal . Tip: Before using, you should rinse the grains under running water until they stop foaming. Possible residues of saponins from the shell could otherwise make them taste bitter.

Chia Seed: The Diet Hit

That's it: Also from South America come the black or white little chia seeds. The plant belongs to the family of sage, so it is not a grain.

That's in it: small, but oh! Chia seeds have an extremely high content of vegetable omega-3 fatty acids, which the body itself can not form. The value of antioxidants is also record-breaking. Also included: proteins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron.

They can: Chia seeds strengthen the immune system and protect the heart. By the large portion of antioxidants they shield the cells from harmful influences, thus ensuring a beautiful skin. But in the first place, they help you lose weight. Reason: The seeds swell up with fluid, thus providing a long-lasting satiety in the stomach. And because the carbohydrates contained are metabolized nicely slowly, they also prevent food cravings . At any rate, models like Miranda Kerr swear by it.

This is how they taste: The small grains are tasteless. They therefore fit with all dishes. They can be used pure or ground to flour. When mixed with water, they assume a gel-like form in which they serve as a substitute for gelatine.

Teff: The pure energy

That's it: The millet is the smallest grain in the world. For comparison: 150 of the extremely hard grains are the size of a wheat grain. In Ethiopia Teff, also called millet millet, is one of the staple foods. In the US, it is currently the hit in the health food stores.

It's in it: Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc make the grain a real vitamin and mineral bomb. It also provides an exceptionally high level of silica.

That's it: The silica has cell-repairing properties and conjures a beautiful skin and a tight connective tissue. Because Teff keeps the blood sugar constant, it saturates long-lasting and is therefore an ideal companion to a diet. The low glycemic value provides, unlike other cereals for long-lasting energy. Endurance athletes or marathon runners enjoy using Teff snacks.

This is how it tastes: Teff has a slightly bitter, nutty aroma. It is used unpeeled and can be cooked like rice or milled to make bread, pasta or pancakes. Before cooking, you should rinse the grains with hot water to prevent a bitter taste.

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