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Glamor to go! We stand on glitter shoes

The original "Babies Glitter Ankle Boots" by Saint Laurent. Are there, for example, at (also in pink), about 745 euros.
  1. Here are the glitter shoes from Saint Laurent in cheap!
  2. Styling tips: how to combine glitter shoes
  3. Glitter shoes from Saint Laurent: inexpensive alternatives to after-shopping

Here are the glitter shoes from Saint Laurent in cheap!

Be careful, these glittering shoes by Saint Laurent trigger acute gasp breathing - and turn simple outfits into a very individual style! Why wear the sparkle booties and super cheap alternatives to Nachshoppen.

It lightens! And flashing! And sparkles! I have to have that! Yes, much more is not needed, and we have already had a crush on a pair of sparkling flitter shoes. From Saint Laurent . For 745 euros. Gulp!

But that's no wonder: Cinderella's glamor shoes have already made some fairytale prince fall in love. Now it's in the real-life version, with glitter instead of glass. Also amazing: the price of the original! How nice that there are also some cheap alternatives . And a few good reasons not only to celebrate glittering shoes, but also to perform during the day ...

Styling tips: how to combine glitter shoes

Day or night? Absolutely no matter! Model and street style star Hanne Gaby Odiele simply shines with Saint Laurent's glitter shoes around the clock. We find plausible. Because: Shimmering shoes are just as suited to casual looks as jeans and sweaters as they are to elegant evening outfits. Suitable for everyday use, this tread trend in combination with rustic materials such as knit or flannel. By the way, metallic pumps are also about shiny company to go out - so the outfit may also sparkle. But: Choose the same nuance!

Glitter shoes from Saint Laurent: Cheap alternatives to after-shopping

Even on these dazzling eye-catchers we become Cinderella 2.0! Our favorites: The glittering ankle boots with pointed heel by Aldo on, about 125 euros.

Even more alternatives (from top to bottom): Chelsea boots with glitter finish by Molly Bracken on, about 70 euros. Wine red, flat lace-up platform shoes with glittering decoration from Topshop, approx. 45 Euro. Black loafers, complete with glitter particles provided by Zign on, about 50 euros. Glittering shoes with half-high heel and T-bridge from Topshop, about 60 euros.

Photos: Getty Images / Manufacturer

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