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Giulio Berruti: "Perfect women are not for me"

Star interview with Giulio Berruti

Italy's hottest export Giulio Berruti is an actor, doctor and nature boy in one. What he still lacks: his dream wife - but please with quirks!

Giulio Berruti
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The five-headed women's team, which romps in front of the interview suite by Giulio Berruti (29) in the "Bayerischer Hof" in Munich, appears slightly heated. From the maid to the PR agent, nobody seems immune to the charm of the Italian newcomer. My coolness is gone as soon as the door opens and the actor greets me - with a smart smile and eyes as blue as his jeans outfit. In conversation, however, he quickly proves that he is much more than just a beautiful body, which he performs so wonderfully revealing in the musical comedy "Walking on Sunshine". This handsome man has ambitious plans - and some surprising talents.

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JOY: With the movie, you immediately feel like going on vacation: sun, beach, love. In addition this 80s music!

Giulio Berruti: It just makes you happy, does not it? I love these hits from Roxette, George Michael and Co., because they fit in perfectly with the story. Our ultimate goal was that the comedy should be fun. After all, life is serious enough. Therefore, the film takes care of itself and is deliberately a bit cheesy!

Speaking of which, was it fun to sing?

Total! So much so that I continue to take singing lessons. I would secretly like to be a rock star! (laughs) Only dancing is not for me, because I have zero talent. Luckily I did not get choreographies or anything like that in the movie.

Actually you are a trained dentist. How did you come to acting?

During my studies, I took on a few minor roles so as not to leave my parents in the bag. Over time, the parts got bigger and bigger. Nevertheless, after completing my degree I practiced for a year as a doctor, but I was missing something. Even though I worked a lot with my hands as a dentist, which is very important to me. In my free time, I also make furniture made of wood or car parts. But I also feel the need to express myself verbally. As a dentist, that only works conditionally (laughs).

This profession is said to look at women's teeth first. Is that correct?

Yes, the look is simply trained! But I also pay attention to the eyes and the humor, because I love smiling women. But the most important thing is that it is not perfect but real: A woman should always remain true to herself and also stand by her weaknesses. Then it makes me "BOOM!".

Prescription: This look makes all women melt away!

Her movie character Rafael has to choose between two women. Has this also happened to you?

At least something like that. To be honest, it is possible to love two women at the same time. Although I always take my relationships very seriously and when I am in love, there is only one thing for me. Nevertheless, it can happen that you feel connected to another person. There's nothing you can do about it, other than finding a respectful solution for everyone involved.

They are undoubtedly the eye-catcher of the film. Do you feel flattered when you get roles because of your "outer qualities" or does it bother you?

It's totally okay for me to be in some roles giving Mr. Nice Guy or the stereotypical heartthrob. But I also want to try out projects that are completely different. Right now, I'm filming a movie about the Afghanistan war in which I play a sick soldier. I want to make films that move the audience, convey a message. That gives me something more than just being the good-looking guy.

How would you characterize yourself?

I am versatile, passionate and, above all, down to earth. That's probably because I grew up in the country, surrounded by ducks and chickens. Instead of playing with a Playstation, I played on treehouses and farms. Again, an explanation of why I love everything about craftsmanship. But of course I also have some bad habits: I am sometimes quite impatient and want the world to run according to my ideas.

Besides the passionate temperament, what else is typical Italian about you?

I like wine, good food and get a very good pasta myself! Although I'm a terrible cook otherwise. Only at the microwave I am a professional! (Laughs)

What's next, where do you want to be in ten years?

With wife and children somewhere where I can plant trees and vegetables. And then I want to be established as a respected actor. Not necessarily in Hollywood, more important to me is that I understand the people I work with. Still, I think I could do it in the dream factory. Not because I consider myself the most talented actor under the sun. But because I'm ready to work very hard and give everything!

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