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Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe are mini bodybuilders

The nine-year-old Giuliano during training.
Photo: YouTube / GiulianoStroeOfficial

Curious body cult

Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe have a big dream: they want to become bodybuilders! To do this, they train for two hours a day in the gym - lifting four kilos of dumbbells, doing pull-ups and so many push-ups that they almost collapse from exhaustion. A blatant program! The most glaring thing is: The brothers from Romania are just nine and seven years old.

While her friends meet in the playground, Giuliano and Claudiu work hard on their body. After all, they want to do credit to their self-titled title "The Strongest Guys in the World"! Whether they really enjoy the drill? During training they at least show off their fitness proudly. What especially pleases her father! Because Lulian plans to bring out his muscle kids big.

That's why the family recently moved from their Romanian home to Florence. In Italy, so the hope of the 35-year-olds, the two little ones should make their breakthrough. In fact, Mucki males broke two world records during this period: vertical push-up and the ability to cling to the mast like a human flag.

But despite Papa's PR campaigns, the financial success has so far remained. But give up? Does not qualify for the ambitious Lulian! Now he wants to move to England - in the hope to land there sponsors ...