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Win a Meet & Greet with Sonja Zietlow

Meet moderator Sonja Zietlow
Photo: Christine Limmer

The TV presenter at the SKL Million Show on "The Day of Happiness"

Entertainer, model, Lufthansa pilot, TV presenter - Sonja Zietlow has gone through many stages in her life. Her latest project: Lucky godmother at the SKL Million Show . Together with Christine Neubauer, Hans Sigl and Felix Neureuther, she helps make one of the 20 SKL candidates a millionaire on April 11th.

To be a winner in the end, the candidates need a good deal of luck. Sonja Zietlow has her own idea of ​​what happiness means: "Two things are lucky for me: 1. Being lucky = being in the right place at the right time, 2. feeling happy = being in the right place with the right people and animals."

In addition to the candidates but also the godparents can earn money and donate it for a good cause. What does Sonja Zietlow intend to do with her prize?

"I want to send my profit Protective Instincts eV. I founded the organization in 2008. She is committed to animal-assisted intervention with dogs for children with disabilities. "

Sonja Zietlow also played lotteries herself and was already in the casino. "But somehow I'm luckier in life and all destinies than in gambling, " she says.

Maybe you have more luck in the game than Sonja! Win a trip to Munich for two people on April 11, 2014 and meet Sonja Zietlow for the exclusive Meet & Greet . The prize includes travel by train and overnight accommodation at the hotel. And: They can be present at the SKL Million Show live, cheering and celebrating at the after-show party with celebrity sponsors.

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