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12 Styles: Fifties style fashion

Inspired by Elvis and created for sexy women - 50's style dresses will be back this summer. Go on a fashionable journey through time with SHAPE.

Sunshine Babe1 Umbrella by Lacoste (around 60 Euro) 2 Striped Swimsuit by Pieces (around 25 Euro) 3 Big Sunglasses by Fossil (around 45 Euro) 4 Pleated Skirt with Wide Passe by Hoss Intropia (around 100 Euro) 5 Trapezoidal Clutch by Hoss Intropia ( at 1

Tutti Frutti ", Elvis sang and the plaid skirts circled, now the fifties are back - with peep toes and capri pants, big hats and sexy cuts - click through the sexy fifties style styles (12 pics).