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Health33 tips for a healthy back

Seventy-five percent of adults suffer from back pain. Simple tricks can counteract.
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  1. Less watching TV
  2. Well boxed
  3. Buy wedge pillow
  4. Tightening tension
  5. Knee-length in bed
  6. Change shoes
  7. More magnesium
  8. Sit better
  9. Cool tension
  10. Relax with music
  11. Enjoy the scent of roses
  12. Finally buy a new mattress
  13. to chew bubble gum
  14. Your personal anti-pain mantra
  15. Optimal view
  16. Sit properly in the job
  17. Buy a football bench
  18. The relieving lumbago position
  19. Allow breath to flow
  20. Again and again barefoot
  21. Stretch in the chair
  22. Check bra
  23. Relax neck
  24. Turn off the draft
  25. Loosely call
  26. Drive relaxed
  27. Mountain pine bath
  28. Water march!
  29. Lift correctly, wear, bump
  30. Ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent ent
  31. Fill up with light
  32. Dress airily
  33. Mix muscle l

healthy back

We expect our back pretty much in everyday life. Even small, fine tricks and flash exercises can help prevent back pain. 33 tips.

In the past, in the past, not everything was worse. At least not for the back . Our ancestors roamed, rallied, hunted. On average, 20 kilometers, often more, stone-age people lay back day after day. And today? Office people only manage 3000 steps a day, that's only two kilometers. Too little exercise, too long sitting are the main reasons for back complaints. No wonder 75 percent of adults know these problems too well. But: The back is grateful for care and for a regular back training. Most complaints can be eliminated with little effort. Have you ever heard of glued fascia? An undiscovered condition that causes many back problems.

Less watching TV

RESEARCHERS found out: Watching TV more than two hours a day promotes back pain. Much better: maybe one block should go instead.

Well boxed

LEFT, RIGHT - sit down and punch your fists straight away from your chest. This releases the pain-relieving hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine and warms the back muscles.

Buy wedge pillow

WHICH CHAIR DO YOU LIKE THE MOST ? Get a medium-weight wedge pillow (medical supply), put it on the chair. It's higher in the back than in the front. So the pelvis tilts forward, the back stretches.

Tightening tension

THE KNOWN BACK EXPERT Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer from Bochum advises: "Dance!" That works alone. Just put on your favorite music and let your body transform the sounds into motion.

Knee brace in bed

SUPER for the spine during sleep: Back sleepers support their knees with a pillow, side sleepers put a pillow between their knees.

Change shoes

HIGH HEELS are chic, but unfortunately unhealthy. Studies show: At the latest after six hours, the back is overloaded. If you've been wearing high heels, make sure you have at least a day off. Ideal are a heel height of up to three centimeters and a shock-absorbing, flexible sole.

More magnesium

THE MINERAL is important for the transmission of nerves to the muscles, it lowers their tension. Preparations (for example "Magnesium Verla", over-the-counter, pharmacy) can prevent tension.

Sit better

ON THE SOFA, in the armchair: Change the seating position more often. Lurking, stretching your legs, that's what new insights are all about - so you can give your back muscles a healthy change.

Cool tension

COLD blocks pain signals to the brain. In acute back pain often helps a cool pack. Put the ice cubes in a freezer bag, wrap the whole thing in a cloth and place for 20 minutes. Then take a break, in which you move. If necessary, a new pack follows - but only within 24 hours after the first pain. After that, heat is better.

Relax with music

QUIET sounds, best of all classical and without singing, effectively reduce stress hormones in the body. In this way, especially relax the muscles in the back, found Austrian researchers out.

Enjoy the scent of roses

RELAXED mind, relaxed back: more often give a little pure Rösenöl on a handkerchief and get a taste of it. The aroma has a calming effect on the brain, unconscious tension dissolves.

Finally buy a new mattress

HARDLY: Is your mattress older than five years? Please exchange, advise back and sleep experts. Often, the mattress is not (anymore) ideal for the spine, muscles are pulled while lying, others compressed. The ideal, slightly harder mattress is depending on the sleeping position under shoulders, pelvis and buttocks, located at the waist.

to chew bubble gum

SHOULDER, neck or back tensions are often caused by stress. However, researchers discovered that chewing gum stimulates brain areas that can dampen stress and thus relieve tension.

Your personal anti-pain mantra

WHEN HE TEASTS YOU, inwardly say, "Yes, the pain is there, but it's not bad, and it goes away." Repeat this again and again, very concentrated. You will feel: it actually works. US psychologists were even able to measure that.

Optimal view

PAMPER YOURSELF : "Standing means leaning and moving with me." Say: Sit as often as possible while standing, for example on a door frame. Or sometimes one, sometimes burden the other leg more. Now and then tense abdominal and muscle muscles. It is also good if the feet are hip-width apart.

Sit properly in the job

OK, at the desk you can not loll about every now and then. But it is also good for the back: adjust the height of the chair so that the knees are bent at right angles when the feet are firmly on the floor. Important: enough space for the forearms, the screen is at eye level.

Buy footstool

GRANDMOTHER good old footstool has something for itself: it relieves the back while brushing your teeth at the sink, when applying make-up in front of the mirror or when ironing. Standing straight, one foot on the bench, the knee of the other leg slightly bent. Change more often.

The relieving lumbago position

SHARK sharp in the cross? Then carefully lie down on a blanket on the floor. Place the lower legs on a chair, armchair or stool. Ideal: The knees are then bent at right angles. And grab a small pillow under the nape of your neck. Rest at least 15 minutes.

Let breath flow

INNER REST quenches the sensation of pain. This breathing exercise brings: While standing you breathe through the nose deep into the abdomen. With the breath, spread your arms sideways. As you exhale through your mouth, stretch your arms together in front of your chest. All nice and slow, 10 to 15 repetitions.

Again and again barefoot

... COMES FASTER! Without shoes, the feet roll decently and the spine has to withstand 50 percent less pressure, according to a US study. Go in the apartment as often as possible barefoot. Great, also for the immune system and circulation: Tautreten on grass - alternatively water treading in the half-filled bathtub.

Stretch in the chair

FLASH EXERCISES on the desk / computer bring a lot, for example this: Sitting down, put your feet firmly on the floor. Stretch your back as if someone were pulling your head up by a string. The shoulders fall off. Hold for 10 seconds, then let it down. Repeat this again.

Check bra

FATHER THAN EVIL is a poorly fitting everyday bra cause for back problems. The straps should be thumb width, padded and not too tight, the underbust band anatomically shaped and elastic. Underwired bras are completely unsuitable.

Relax neck

MUSCLE HARNESS in the neck often leads to further discomfort in the back. Loosen the neck: stand upright, folding the arms at the back of the head. Slowly lower your chin to your chest, with your arms pressed lightly on the back of your head. Then slowly raise your head against slight resistance of the arms. 10 times.

Turn off the draft

SOME SECONDS are enough and muscle strands begin to harden in the back. Simply because they cool down. Get out of the draft. In case that does not work, for example at work: always have a cloth, a scarf, a cardigan with you.

Loosely call

FIXED HEARTS between shoulder and cheek? No wonder that is tense. And: do not hold the phone freehand to your ear, but support your elbow.

Drive relaxed

IN THE CAR, you sit back-friendly when the backrest is at a 100-degree angle to the seat, so just in front of completely upright. Ideal distance to the steering wheel: When you take the steering wheel, the arms are almost, but not fully stretched.

Mountain pine bath

HEALTHY WARM comes with intensive circulation. This softens the muscles. As? With a mountain pine full bath. The water should be 39 degrees warm (bath thermometer). Add 20 to 30 drops of pine oil (drugstore, pharmacy) to the water. Enjoy the bath 15 to 20 minutes.

Water march!

2 LITERS LIQUID per day, rather drink more: water cushions the discs again, they work better.

Lift properly, wear, bend over

WOMEN SHOULD NEVER raise more than 10 kilos. If you have something to lift, please do it this way: feet more than hip-width apart. Kneel down. The back is straight and only slightly inclined forward. Extra tip: Distribute purchases evenly over 2 pockets and wear on both sides.

Often clean the purse

EVERY GRAM less counts: Whether in the hand or on the shoulder strap - the handbag weighs on one side. Important: It should weigh significantly less than 5 percent of your body weight. At 65 kilos of live weight that is z. B. at most 3 kilos. Ideal: a long, wide and padded strap across the chest and back.

Fill up with light

The medical journal "British Medical Journal" reports surprising: vitamin D deficiency causes pain in the skeletal muscles of the back s . Vitamin D forms the skin under daylight - go out daily for at least 30 minutes.

Dress airily

ENGER belt, tight waistband - this slows the circulation and forces an unconsciously rigid posture. Rule of thumb: Between waistband / belt and skin should be superimposed on middle and index finger still fit.

Mix muscle oil

WELL BLOODED is half won: Mix 10 drops of pure rosemary oil (drugstore, pharmacy) with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. This will massage the painful areas for about 5 minutes. Is also a good prevention against muscle soreness before the sport.