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Ghost Cricket name tags for the Halloween party

Are you still missing name tags for your Halloween party? Then there's the right crafting tutorial with horror factor.

The name tags for the Halloween party look like ghosts.
Photo: deco & style

You are planning a scary-beautiful Halloween party to scare ? If not all guests know each other, name badges are a great idea to imagine - and as a support, if you forgot the name again ... In addition, the guests then know immediately where their seat is.

In our tutorial, we'll show you how to make the Halloween name tags quickly. For that you need only a few materials from the crafting box and a few minutes time.

What you need

  • black photo carton
  • wooden sticks
  • black plaka color
  • duct tape
  • white cardboard
  • Glue
  • wire

Instructions: Halloween name tags

1. Cut out Halloween figures from eg black photo carton.

2. Paint wooden stick with black plaka paint.

3. Fix figures to the wooden stick with adhesive tape.

4. Write names by computer or by hand and glue on white cardboard.

5. Make holes on both sides and fasten with wire to the figures.

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