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Siblings Hofmann: "Our family always keeps together!

In good and in bad times

Anyone who visits Alexandra (37) and Anita (34) Hofmann at home in Meßkirch in Swabia expects pure life! Because there are three generations living on the property. We were there and talked to the sisters.

How well does living together? Alexandra Hofmann: It's a curse, sometimes a blessing. Our parents sometimes interfere too much in the parenting. The bottom line, I think it's great that you can spend a lot of time with your grandchildren. Anita Hofmann: We eat lunch together punctually at noon every day, Mama cooks. Family is the most important! Do you live on a reason in case your parents feel bad? Alexandra Hofmann: Of course. When we are healthy, it goes without saying that we take care of our parents. I also dare to do that. In the home they come in any case. Our family always keeps together. No matter what happens. What are you both especially grateful to your parents for? Anita Hofmann: For always being there for us. We could not have done much in life without her help. They have educated us with a lot of love and freedom. Alexandra Hofmann: You are wonderful. We had a happy childhood. Her father is now retired ... Alexandra Hofmann: And acts as if he is at least ten years younger. Our whole place Meßkirch already noticed how good he looks. He's out and about all day with the kid and the pram. The stroller was already in the inspection - the springs, tires and brakes had to be renewed (laughs). Anita, has your partner never rebelled that he should live with his parents-in-law? Anita Hofmann: No, not at all. But he would not have been right if he had rejected this lifestyle. Besides, we have our own house and can be with us at any time. Then I cook something nice and enjoy the evening with him. I can drop myself at Thorsten. I am very happy to have him by my side. Alexandra Hofmann: Thorsten was welcomed with open arms by all of us. My husband Dietmar and he like to meet and watch football together. They are real friends.

The siblings Hofmann go on a big tour! As of November 10, 2011, Anita and Alexandra will be touring solo in Chemnitz, Berlin and Stade under the motto "We Fly". Order hotline: 01805/570070 or 01805/373833 (0.14 € / minute from the German landline). >> All data about the tour can be found here >> Order the CD "We fly" from

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