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Laced by the summer: We love these sandals now

Laced sandals are the trend this summer
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Whether with or without heel: Sandals to lace up this summer are the sandals trend

Süüüüüüüß !!! When I ran my new lace-up sandals for the first time, my girlfriends were blown away. Do you know these garments where you often ask someone where you bought them? Now and then I manage such a stroke of luck. Of course I'm really proud! Like my new lace-up sandals.

They have been last year, but this summer they are the absolute sandals trend. Lace-up sandals are really nothing more than laced sandals. And they are of course not new, but with heels and in bright suede they look very nice to the summer dress or jeans shorts.

Here are our favorite sandals. Maybe there is something for you?

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