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Germany's Next Top Model: Dreams, Tears and Envy

Behind the scenes

They jostle, stroking their hair nervously, some laughing hysterically. Girl crowds in front of a hotel in Berlin! It's that time again. Heidi Klum's show " Germany's Next Top Model " is in the starting blocks. And I was in the middle, looking behind the scenes. How is it really going?

First of all into the foyer of Germany's Next Topmodel-Casting. Passing a poster, on which the conditions of participation stand: Accompaniment must wait outside, from 16 years, minimum size 1.72 meters. The first girls go again ... disturbing: schadenfreude can be seen in the faces of the others. Before the girls are group-wise led into a room, they still have to sign a consent of the production company. The waiting room is now hectic. The girls exchange cozy shoes for high heels with 12-centimeter heels. They look at each other. If looks could kill ... Anyone who is thinner, prettier and taller will be punished with envy. Because they are all competitors. Make-up, comb hair - done! Some girls are trembling with excitement. They're about to go. Soon they will see their idol, Heidi Klum. Immediately her dream comes true ... In groups of ten they are allowed to make room for the jury. But where is Heidi Klum ?

You lose courage and self-confidence The first disappointment! No Heidi Klum ! The jury consists of Yannick, a scavenger looking for models. As soon as the door closes behind them, she swings open again. One girl after the other comes out again. The just shining laughter has given way to a sad expression, it glitters in the eyes. I see a dream burst after another. One takes it with humor, says: "Now I hit my stomach full." For three days she has eaten nothing, the weeks before only salad. Others are not so brave, crying. And with every single tear they shed, they also lose some of their courage and self-confidence. But some may still hope. Because of them were taken pictures, which are presented to Heidi Klum and the rest of the jury. Whether they actually manage to be in Germany's Next Top Model, we learn in the spring of 2011. Then the fight for the longest legs and the thinnest stomach in the next round. And there will be more tears!