Recommended, 2022

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Embossed cards with embossing pattern

  • Folded card in light gray (stationery shop)
  • Adhesive film (eg

      from Tesa)
    • Embossing stencil with tendril pattern in two parts (eg from Fiskars about Gütermann, art 2407214 and 2407111, about 5-7 euros, craft shop)
    • Prickelnadel (craft shop)
    • cream and mint stationery (stationery shop)
    • Motiv scissors with deckle edge (craft shop)
    • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)

    1. Place card with the left side up between the two parts of the embossing template, possibly fix the position of the card with adhesive film. Working on a hard surface.

    2. Trace motive with the prickle needle, working in small circular motions and with some pressure.

    3. Move the template and work the second tendril.

    4. Emboss a flower on the cream-colored paper as described above.

    5. Use the scissors to cut a rectangle around the flower.

    6. Cut out of mint-colored paper about 1 cm larger rectangle also with the motive scissors.

    7. Stick the mint rectangle in the middle of the card, glue the rectangle with the embossed flower on it.

    Tip: If you want to make several cards, it's worth buying an illuminated holder for the embossing templates (eg Shape Boss Ultimate by Fiskars about Gütermann, Art. 2407200).