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Brilliant: father and daughter invent a cereal machine

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Ivan Owen

Father and daughter spend a great time while inventing their machine

Useful ? Maybe - but building the cereal machine is great fun for dad and daughter! The two are a great team and this is definitely true: The way is the goal!

Okay, the result of the whole action is not only useless, it also does not work properly and leaves a huge mess. But that does not matter, because the way there, the building of the completely pointless muesli machine, was a great project for father and daughter.

Because the little girl's mother complains every morning that the little girl should eat her cereal faster, father and daughter thought to Mother's Day, they speed up the breakfast with the help of a machine.

A lack of creativity you can not blame the two certainly. And they laugh so much and obviously have so much fun with the whole action, that even when watching, one can not help but laugh .

Instead of the muesli machine, we prefer to make the cereal itself: make cereal yourself: healthy breakfast

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