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Cozy decoration ideas with candles

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  1. Now it's getting cuddly
  2. Packed warm
  3. Candle show to go
  4. heartwarming
  5. Leading lights
  6. astwerk

Now it's getting cuddly

They are the most beautiful lights in the dark season: candles! Here are five cuddly decoration ideas with the coziness factor.

Packed warm

Picture above: how comfortable! For the cuddly cuffs cut wool fabric to the dimensions of the tealight, put left on left and sew together with 1 cm seam allowance. Turn right and put over the lantern. Turn in the edges at the top and at the bottom.

Candle show to go

Placed in a bottle basket, you can mobilize the candle arrangement. And this is how it works: cut plug-in material, water and place in clay pots. Press candles in the middle and insert St John's wort stalks with olive branches around them. Fill gaps with moss. Place wooden discs (from the craft shop) in the bottle basket as a coaster, place pots on top

Bottle cage, about 23 €: Ib Laursen about branded goods shop


The small lanterns spread as deco ideas romantic mood and are therefore just the thing for cloudy autumn days. How to make: Measure the circumference of the glass, cut very thin strips of birch bark with pruning shears. Draw a heart on the back of the bark, cut it out with the cutter. Clump up the bark, put it over the glass and put candles in it

Birch bark strip, 70 x 8 cm, approx. 1 €: Nadeco

Leading lights

Normally, shy forest dwellers like fox and stag like to hide in the thicket. Here they make an exception as decoration ideas : Cut transparent paper in the format of the candle glass, place it around the glass, fix it with adhesive tape. Copy animal template onto tracing paper, cut it out and attach it to the glass with paper clips.


From the forest on the table it says for this birch branch. By the way, also a great alternative to the classic Christmas wreath.

You need: boring machine, fine wood drill, thick birch branch, four candle plates, four cream-colored pillar candles, possibly a saw

That's how it works:

1. Prepare: Place a birch branch (order at the florist) as it should be later. Tip: If the branch tilts, saw off at the bottom of a straight stand surface. Use a permanent marker (such as Edding) to record the drill marks.

2. Drilling: Drill holes in the markings with a drill and a fine wood drill bit and insert the candle plates. Finally, place the pillar candles. Our tip: During the Advent season, you can decorate the branch with gift ribbons and Christmas tree tags.

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