Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Gift of money & jelly

Love is well known through the stomach and it is red food, can actually go wrong. If you pack them in pretty glasses, you have a great gift for your loved ones.

You need this:

  • Coins and bills
  • two mason jars in two different sizes
  • Rubber ring and clamps for the smaller glass
  • a pack of red jelly (supermarket)
  • about 20 x 20 cm white linen fabric
  • Ribbon in red
  • possibly yellow textile paint (craft shop)
  • Zigzag scissors

And this is how it works:

1. Put the money in the smaller glass and secure it with the Einweckgummi and the clamps.

2. Prepare jelly according to the package instructions.

3. Put the small glass in the big glass. Pour in jello and let it cool in the fridge.

4. When the jelly is firm, close the larger jar with the lid. Cut a circle with the pinking scissors from the fabric.

5. Place over the lid and tie with the red ribbon. Possibly. Cut fabric slightly shorter.

6. Possibly Dab yellow dots on textile cover with textile dye.