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Mystery Reveals How Justin Bieber Leaves His Pants Up

Not suffering a dressing-gown is an art with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber / ©

There are endless jokes about the current paternity scandal around Justin Bieber and the baggy style with which he wears his jeans. What has one to do with the other? Obviously, everyone quips that the rumors are no wonder, because the teen star just can not keep his pants up. Yesterday, he visited the TV show "The View" and was asked about his extremely casual dress style. "Can you stand down, please? I want to see you keep those pants on top, "one of the presenters invited him. Of course, Justin showed his hanging behind, much to the delight of the middle-aged ladies' circle. "That's an art to keep these trousers, " joked his interlocutor Sherri Sheperd weiter.Justin Bieber reveals how he manages not constantly in panties thereHow he makes it because he is not constantly in underpants, he was asked further. Is there an elastic band hidden in the waistband or an inconspicuous belt? Justin Bieber had a simple and funny answer: "You basically learn how to waddle. [...] I'll make the waddling hip. "He should have helped a lot of desperate boys trying to copy themselves to reach the girls. The bad news: starting tomorrow, a bunch of male teenagers will be waddling on the way to school! SE

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