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Filtered water for full taste

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Test of the editors: 4 magazines - 1 opinion

BRITA water filters optimize tap water and thus ensure natural refreshment and full drinking pleasure

A cool glass of water is always a wonderful refreshment. It is particularly soft and tasty by the filtration with a water filter from BRITA. Because it filters lime, chlorine and home-made occurring metals such as lead and copper from tap water. This makes drinking fun and supports health and well-being through a balanced water balance. BRITA-filtered water not only provides a cool refreshment on warm days, but the filtered water can also be used to prepare a variety of dishes.

Cartridge Recycling

Another advantage of the water filter is its environmentally friendly use. Because once the filter cartridges are used up, they can easily be returned to BRITA. Here they are then processed by means of resource-saving recycling and recycled. So the full drinking pleasure is also environmentally friendly.

environmentally friendly

TÜV Rheinland confirms the study by an independent institute, according to which BRITA-filtered water is an ecologically sensible alternative to bottled water. For the production of a commercial bottle of mineral water causes significantly more carbon dioxide than BRITA-filtered water. In figures, the CO₂ footprint for making one liter of BRITA-filtered water is about 1/30 less than that for a bottle of still mineral water. Thus, the BRITA water filters not only save the way to the beverage market, but are also much more environmentally friendly than commercially available bottled water.

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