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Garden lounger red-white

2.5 hours

  • Foam cover in size 190 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm (foam trade, about 25 Euro)
  • 2 m Striped cotton fabric in red and white (fabric width 140 cm; department store;
      10 Euro)
    • tape measure
    • fabric scissors
    • Sewing machine and matching sewing thread
    • Possibly. 160 cm cotton ribbon in red
    • needle and thread

    1. Measure the lounger, cut foam with sharp scissors according to the head, lying and foot part into three cushion parts.

    2. Measure individual foam cushions, cut accordingly 2 pieces of fabric in the size of the cushion plus 3.5 cm seam allowance because of the height of the foam.

    3. Merging fabric pieces right to right, sew together with 1 cm seam allowance to a seam piece about 30 cm long.

    4. For the elaborate pillow corners: Pull the fabric layers apart at the corners so that a triangle forms. Sew at a 90 ° angle so that the seam is 5 cm long. Correspondingly proceed with all 4 corners. Turn the pillow over.

    5. Make the other pillows as well.

    6. Insert foam inlays, close open seam piece by hand.

    7. Sew cotton cords approx. 20 cm long by hand to the cushions to bind decorative bows.