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Garden lounger in orange-yellow

1 hour

  • 3 pieces of fabric in different orange and yellow tones à 40 x 40 cm (department store)
  • Vliesofix 40 x 120 cm
  • Iron
  • Rest firm paper for the blossom template
  • pencil
  • fabric scissors

1. Different substances in orange and yellow tones to approx.

Iron 40 x 40 cm pieces of Vliesofix according to manufacturer's instructions.

2. Draw on the backing paper from the Vliesofix for each flower 6 to 7 leaves of approx. 8 cm in length. To do this, use a template made of strong paper. For the center of the flower, record a circle about 4 cm in diameter. Continue until the desired number of flowers are recorded.

3. Cut out the flower parts, peel off the carrier foil and position the flowers on the pillows. Iron according to manufacturer's instructions.