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Miss Sinner: The campus cat loves the University of Hildesheim

Miss Sinner likes to sit on the carpet in front of lecture hall 3.
Photo: Isa Lange
  1. The gray cat Miss Sinner has an unusual home
  2. Miss Sinner has firm favorite places
  3. The students keep the cat's doors open

The gray cat Miss Sinner has an unusual home

There is a campus cat at the University of Hildesheim. Miss Sinner has lived in college for twelve years - and the students love her.

When Monika Sinner, an administrative assistant at the University of Hildesheim, found the stray cat on campus twelve years ago, she was injured and emaciated. She liked to warm herself in the hot air that poured through the ventilation shafts of the library at night.

Monika Sinner took care of the cat, that's why her foundling today is also called Miss Sinner . She took her to the vet and tried to place the cat in a foster home or shelter. But the cat did not want to leave - she always returned to Hildesheim's main campus.

A trusted team: Monika Sinner and Miss Sinner.

In the meantime, Miss Sinner is an old cat lady and for twelve years the campus cat. A team of students and staff at the university - including a cat allergic to diarrhea - makes sure that she gets to eat and has comfortable sleeping places.

Miss Sinner has firm favorite places

Nevertheless, it happens that a student finds the cat slumbering in his backpack after a lecture. " She seems to have a thing for really dry lectures, " says a student with amusement. Education, Computer Science or Cultural Policy - Miss Sinner likes to hear.

"The cat also often sits on the carpet in front of the offices of our educationalists next to lecture hall 3, " says Isa Lange, a staff member of the university. And if she wants to take a nap, she likes to roll herself up on her light blue upholstered chair.

The students around her do not disturb her in the least. Instead, she enjoys the pampering that she gets from the many people.

The students keep the cat's doors open

If Miss Sinner wants to move in the university, she depends on the help of the students, because there is no cat flap. That is not a problem though. The campus cat is very popular and everyone willingly helps if she sits with a demanding look in front of a door and waits for opening.

Just funny, this cat story - and the best proof that cats basically choose themselves the place they want to live. At the University of Hildesheim, it is therefore very comfortable.


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