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Prince Albert: Congratulations on your 55th birthday!

Congratulations, First Albert!
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Honor day in Monaco

Although it is not a really round birthday, but a jubilee number: Today, accompanied by many good wishes, Prince Albert of Monaco 55 years old - probably also for him - he is currently on the Pacific with a new jet - a reason to look back to keep up to date experienced.

Unquestionably, for many who have watched Albert of Monaco from close up or far away over the years, he is likely to be surrounded by a shy, colorless youth long in the shadow of his formerly overpowering parents and extremely attractive sisters has blossomed a passable statesman.

On official occasions, always dressed correctly in a gray or dark suit, Monaco's head of state strives for seriousness. Since he has a wife, he no longer needs women's stories. Too bad for his fans, because the speculation about Albert's colorful love life was exciting. Some saw Claudia Schiffer as princess in the Grimaldi Palace, because she once posed on photos with the hereditary prince and therefore suspected to be more than just a "dear friend". Thus, the supermodel from Germany shared the fate with Brigitte Nielsen, Brooke Shields, Tasha de Vasconcelos and many other prominent and less prominent young pretty ladies.

With Charléne (34), finally, no actress and no model, the race, but a top athlete. In love scenes with tender kisses, as seen recently at a gala on the dance floor, currently hope that the marriage of the two will soon bear fruit and Albert experienced at 55, perhaps even father joys ...