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Fresh kick: Spring flower decoration for your home

At the sight of this flower decoration good mood is guaranteed
Photo: Deco & Style Experts

Colorful welcome committee

What could be better than the smell of fresh flowers in the house? Today we bring exotic specimens into the home and present beautiful decoration ideas.

When winter is here, the most beautiful flowers are blooming in the southern hemisphere. Protea, Leucadendron and olive branches are a great team and complement each other wonderfully.

A little decoration tip: The flower vase together with a lantern and a glass of Tillandsien on a large tray group - then the exotic trio is particularly good effect.

Tray "Round Mix", approx. 50 € coffee table "Marlo", approx. 299 €, laundry glass vase, approx. 10 €, depot ceramic vase "water carafe", approx. 52 €, Casa Gent

Natural table decoration

Of course we are looking forward to a nicely set table, but on Sundays it should look a bit more laid-back: wrap cloth napkins with leather straps and decorate them with dried flowers - the rustic table decoration is finished and still makes a lot of effort.

Linen napkins, about 10 €, Zara Home

Fiery flower magic

With this beautiful bouquet of flowers, we bring nature into the house: We simply arrange snapdragons, anemones, a lily, tulips, viburnum berries, reddish-green cape and eucalyptus capsules in a rustic vase or pitcher.

Vase "Athen", about 44 €, Ib Laursen about beloved home vases in green and white, about 18 € and 32 €, La Mesa candlesticks, about 30 € and 38 €, Madam Stoltz

Beautiful green area

For the wreath, fix all around the eucalyptus leaves, St. John's wort berries, thistles, septemberwort and dried Serruria with binding wire on a wire ring. Finally, put three Tillandsien on the wreath.