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Fresh autumn air sniffing on Usedom

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Sun island in the Baltic Sea

Nowhere on the Baltic Sea does the sun shine as long as on Usedom . It is more than 1, 900 hours a year. And this abundance of sunlight is reflected in the glittering waves of the sea, shining on the white sands of the beaches and now, in the fall, bringing all the nature, forests, meadows and dunes in a soft gold.

It was over 100 years ago when the Prussian nobility discovered this beauty for themselves. The architecture of that time still characterizes the imperial baths Ahlbeck, Bansin and Heringsdorf. 200 meters, the oldest pier in Germany from Ahlbeck into the sea. It is the only pier on the Baltic Sea that still shines in its full historical splendor of 1899. It has long since become the symbol of Usedom s . From the restaurant on the bridge you can enjoy the most magnificent view of the water.

But Bansin and Heringsdorf do not need to hide with their magnificent villas and the classic resort architecture. From Heringsdorf also comes to this day an architecture that characterizes the entire Baltic Sea coast. And since 1925 beach chairs have been built in Germany's oldest beach chair factory, the Korbwerk (Waldbühnenweg 2, guided tours by arrangement at Tel .: 03 83 78/46 50 50). Experience this ancient and fascinating craft up close.

It's no coincidence that the baskets on Usedom are made. Because on the 42-kilometer long sandy beach there are enough customers. Now in the fall this beach invites to long walks. Directly behind it, you can discover the beauty of the Usedom Natural Park, to which the entire island was declared in 1999.

Watch majestic white-tailed eagles hunting or watch beavers make dams. However, you need a little patience for that. Just as for another attraction of the Baltic Sea : If you look at the beach once on the ground, will certainly find an amber, in which the golden sunlight of autumn shines.

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16 percent of the island area belongs to Poland. But there are more people living here than in the German part. How much is a stay?

The "short break on Usedom" costs with 2 nights in double room in the Maritim Hotel Kaiserhof in Heringsdorf from 160 euros p. Including sauna and fitness area, cake voucher and a bottle of sparkling wine.

Bookable for the time of 3. 11. to 20. 12. in the Internet under: or under Tel .: 03 83 78/650.