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Spring la Monochrome

Our new blogger Lena

Spring is almost over and we are looking forward to summer and the new summer trends for 2013. On my blog I am constantly on a journey of discovery and present my looks. One of my favorite trends for summer 2013 is monochrome look.

Photo: Guest blogger Lena

This trend guarantees exciting effects! Relive the black and white classics! Established designers and labels - including Michael Kors, Balmain and Céline - showed the monochrome look in the new summer collections. Recently, I was looking for a pair of great parts in the monochrome look and thought to myself ... Hmm ... it would be so convenient if anyone would show me these wonderful pieces before that. And then came the idea to share the pieces that I found with you. By the way, I currently have the outfit all the time. It's easy to wear casual and pretty rocking. I have this weakness for T-shirts with prints. In combination with leather and Sleek Hair they simply look "glamrock"! Shop, meet friends, go for a walk or date outfit: Monochrome-look outfits look special and eye-catching! If the all-over monochrome look is a touch too much for you, just invest in a pair of key pieces of your outfit here presented pieces are a taste of what you'll find! Have fun, Lena Skinnycature

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