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Free Hugs by Jared Leto! Why he hugs the whole world

It all started with this photo: Jared Leto hugging a tree.

Instagram meme #jaredhugginleto

What happens if Jared Leto posts a photo on Instagram hugging a tree? A new internet hype called #jaredhugginleto is emerging! The funniest Instagram memes are shown here.

Jared Leto may be an Oscar-winning actor, a gifted musician, Thirty Seconds To Mars singer and the icon of the long mane mane, but one thing must be left to him: he does not take himself too seriously despite all the mega successes!

After visiting the Haute Couture shows of Chanel and Armani Privé, the Hollywood star said goodbye to the forest for a walk with his dog - and posted this photo (see above) hugging a tree, on Instagram. His comment: "Tree hugging hippie? Guilty!"

The beginning of his Instagram meme #jaredhugginleto ! Meanwhile, Jared Leto hugs the leg of Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama's cheek, the Empire State Building, . nestles in pop-art look to Audrey Hepburn or is itself the next and winds in duplicate around his middle finger.

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We think it's funny - and demand: FREE HUGS for everyone!