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Frederik & Mary: On the wedding day in Poland

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Work instead of celebration

In our fast-paced and often superficial era, it seems to many to be a miracle if a couple lives through ten years of marriage and still seems happy. In the process, everyone at Kronprinz Frederik of Denmark and his wife Mary had made sure that the bridegroom did a good job when he led the pretty Australian to the altar on 14 May 2004 in the Frauenkirche in Copenhagen.

The tears that Frederik shed at the time, when Mary, led by his father, approached him through the nave with a fifteen-minute delay, showed the world that at that moment Denmark's future king was absolutely sure of the love of his life with a marriage covenant to seal.

And: The tape stops. Good even. Frederik and Mary make an absolutely happy impression on the outside. The image is reinforced when the couple's four children - Christian (8), Isabella (6), Vincent and Josephine (both 3) - join them. Then you see pure family happiness.

However, yesterday, the couple did not spend their tenth wedding anniversary, as many believed, in a familiar family round, but with "work". Frederik and Mary were on official mission in Poland from 12 to 14 May. They were warmly welcomed to the Presidential Palace, visited the Chopin Museum, and laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The full program. The fact that the two did not forget their marriage anniversary at the appointment stress, the boys and girls took care of an educational institution. They congratulated their radiant guests on the wedding anniversary with large painted posters.

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