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Lady's mantle decoration: Decorate with the medicinal plant

Decorated in a water bath.
Photo: Living idea about deco & style, photographer: Olaf Szczepaniak

Herbaceous plant

In natural medicine like celebrated as a medicinal plant , the lady's mantle is now also as decoration to advantage. A good water supply and enough light are enough to decorate the plant and enjoy it for a while.

These are our ideas with lady's mantle ...

Again and again effective

A table pond with floating candles illuminates us. Here it is a pinkish shell, on whose water surface different colored flower candles as well as flowers and leaves of the lady's mantle drift.

Flowered garnish

Fresh raspberries, arranged for flowering, are a tasty treat for the quark dessert.

It was prepared in porcelain cases with a flower dome lady's coat on colored plastic trays.

Delicate wreaths

Surrounded by flower wreaths, lanterns are a decorative sight even without candlelight.

In keeping with the garden party in the open air, the colors blue, green and pink make a particularly good combination. The lady's mantle with its delicate flowers and herbaceous green is suitable for this.

As you weave the flowers to the wreath, our guide explains ...

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And this is how it's done:

Adapted to the size of the lantern, the birch ridge is bent into a ring and wrapped in flower wire

Then the yellow-green tufts of the women's coat and the pink cranesbill flowers are alternately inserted into the spaces between the twigs and fixed with wire.

Carefully put the decorated wreath over the edge of the lantern.

White in white on all levels

This arrangement of roses and vines impresses with its sophisticated design.

The roses are tiered in damp plastic. Some vices are almost in between.

A few leaves lady's mantle serve as a herbaceous decoration.

Our WOHNIDEE tip: A vase with dots brings a vintage flair to the ensemble.

Green sheathed

The lush yet silky peony blossoms are appealing to the society of the lady's mantle.

Because its yellow-green swabs enhance the effect of the powdery to rich pinks .

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