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Women, when they have their period: this comparison goes too far!

On the right we see the woman as she normally looks, on the left we see her when she has her period: a fitting comparison?
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Unicharm Australasia
  1. Our period does not make us a monster
  2. This comparison is really a bit too far!
  3. Here you can see the clip in full length:

Our period does not make us a monster

We want to be honest, having his period can be quite annoying. But this comparison really goes too far.

Since we already have pain in the abdomen, feel an unpleasant pulling in the back and then someone comes to us stupid! Hand on the heart: Yes, we can be a bit bitchy once we have our days. A ludicrous answer comes to us sometimes easier than usual on the lips, when we once a month have the feeling that our body is working against us. But luckily the whole thing is over after a few days. Many women do not really notice their period anyway. As well as: We do not talk to everyone about it after all.

However, there is a video circulating in the net that shows the physical and emotional state of women during their period quite drastically.

The clip below shows a woman suddenly confronted with a thicker, miserable-looking version of her self. A look at her calendar shows her why: she has her days. In the following scenes, the lady curls up on the couch, announces appointments because she does not feel well enough, has a Ausraster, as the pizza service does not want to deliver, and spontaneous laugh and wine attacks.

This comparison is really a bit too far!

Even if you have to smile in some scenes and can not resist one or the other time to think "Yes, that's happened to me before (for example, the saying 'Why am I eating that right now?'), " Provides the clip is over the top. After all, we women do not become completely irrational little monsters when we have our days.

At the end of the video, it then gives the resolution. Above all, the woman feels so terrible during her period because her bandage does not protect her properly. The video is an advertisement of the brand name SOFY® BeFresh ™. As soon as the woman uses the right product, she gets better in no time.

Here you can see the clip in full length: