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Woman has sent nude photo to her boss - he reacts!

This picture got her boss!
Photo: Ingism

What sounds funny to us was very embarrassing for those affected

This is really embarrassing: a woman wants to show her boyfriend what he will miss on the weekend and sends him a nude photo of himself. But the picture does not end up with him, but with her boss! That's how he reacted.

The woman sends a nude photo of herself to her boss with the words: "What you will miss this weekend" . Of course, it was just an oversight, the picture should actually get her friend. Somebody did not pay attention!

In the picture she pulls up her T-shirt and shows her bare chest. Obviously, her boss did not like that, because he answered her like this:

The note says, "Hi, you probably did not intend to send me the picture, but please be careful. I am your BOSS. "

If you want to send nude pictures to your friend, you really should be careful who you send them to! Not only are you annoying your boss with how you can tell from his reaction, it's pretty embarrassing the next day in the office when you meet again.